Kindergarten Screening

  • Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPS) are assigned to each school in the Southern Lehigh School District. During the first month of the school year, the SLP at your child's school will be screening the kindergarten students for any possible speech-language needs. The SLP will screen for: receptive language ( what your child understands), expressive language (putting words together to formulate thoughts), articulation (how your child pronounces his/her speech sounds), and voice (quality of voice) and fluency(flow of speech). If any needs are observed that would adversely affect his/her educational performance, you will be contacted to discuss the possibility of a formal speech-language evaluation.

    Speech-language skills develop at different ages in children. For example, if a child is not developmentally ready to produce a specific sound, correct production may not be achieved and pressure should not be placed on him/her unnecessarily.