Parent/Guardian Suggestions


    Like so many other things, speech/language development is a mixture of nature and nurture. Here are a few general suggestions to enhance your child's speech/language development at home.

    • Be a good speech model for your child- don't use baby talk.
    • Pronounce words clearly, slowly, and correctly for your child to hear and imitate.
    • Let the child watch your face, lips, and tongue as you form sounds and words.
    • Make a scrapbook with the child. Cut out and paste pictures of objects the child learns to say or recognize.
    • Expand on what your child says (i.e. your child says "Elmo," follow up with "I see Elmo.").
    • Read a variety of books: read often and talk with your child about the story.
    • Model good grammar skills.
    • Talk to your child during daily activities; give simple directions for your child to follow.
    • Talk about how things are alike and different.
    • Do not call attention to your child's repetitions (dysfluencies).
    • Give your child plenty of time to talk without interruption.
    • Talk to your child in a slow, relaxed manner.