Phonemic Awareness

  • Phonemic Awareness:
    The ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken words.

    1. Read something to your child and ask him/her to identify the words that begin with the same sound. This will help your child develop his/her understanding of sound symbol relationships.
    2. Say a simple word.  Have your child say the sounds in the word. Talk about what letter makes each sound.  Have your child write the letters as you say the sound.  Then have your child read what he/she wrote.  This will help develop an understanding of the sound/symbol relationship.
    3. Give Me Five.  This is a great game to play while traveling in the car.  To begin, declare, "Give me five!" Tell your child a sound and then challenge him/her to name five things that begin with the same sound. You can also play this game with ending sounds.  Reward your child when he/she gets five correct by giving him/her a high five!
    4. Read books with rhymes. Teach your child rhymes, poems, and songs.  Talk about which words rhyme.
    5. Break It Down.  Tell your child a word and ask him/her to break it down into the individual sounds that make it.
    6. Blend It. Say a word by breaking it into individual sounds.  Ask your child to out the sounds together to make a word.

    I Spy Game