Continuum of Writing Skill Development

  • Emergent/Early Writer Uses pictures to convey message
    Uses “scribble writing” to convey message
    Uses random letters
    Uses initial consonants
    Uses initial and final consonants
    Uses some middle letters in words
    Uses spaces between words
    Writes some whole words
    Writes simple sentences that make sense
    Developing a sense of beginning, middle, and end
    Sequences ideas logically
    Matches illustrations to text
    Able to read own writing
    Beginning to use capitals and periods
    Fluent Writer Confidently chooses topic
    Organizes ideas logically
    Uses supporting details
    Fully develops beginning, middle, and end
    Uses varied sentence lengths
    Varies sentence beginnings
    Writes in a variety of genres:
    Revises own writing
    Uses capitals accurately
    Uses varied punctuation correctly