Features of Expository Writing-Descriptive

Features of…   

Expository Writing- Descriptive


-       It has four forms:

Imaginative Description-

o  It may sound like poetry.

o  It uses figurative language.

o  It appeals to the senses.

Factual Description-

o    It shares facts, not opinions.

o    It describes objects and processes clearly.

o    It uses content vocabulary/words that fit the topic.

Narrative Description-

o    It describes a sequence of events.

o    It uses action verbs and descriptive phrases to paint a scene and convey emotion.

Realistic Description-

o    It tells about one event or situation that really happened.

o    It describes things as they really happened so that the reader can understand.

o    It uses colorful but specific language.


-       All forms have a topic sentence, body, and conclusion.


-       The voice, tone, and mood of each piece changes to match the audience and the purpose for writing.