Persuasive Essay Building Blocks

  • Persuasive Essay Building Blocks





    State your topic sentence.  This is the sentence that summarizes

    the main reasons for your opinion. (You may use a short attention-grabber if it directly relates to the topic.)







    1.    Write one paragraph for each of the main ideas that relate to the topic.  Each paragraph should have it own main idea sentence that tells about the topic.


    2.    The remaining sentences in the paragraph should include facts and examples that support your opinion.  Your opinion is a personal judgment or belief that cannot be proven right or wrong.  However, you can support your opinion with facts. Your purpose is to provide information that will convince your reader that your opinions make sense. 






    The conclusion is the final paragraph of the persuasive essay.  Restate the topic and emphasize the most important points.  Urge readers to share your opinion and take action to support it.