Business/Formal Letter Building Blocks

  •   Business/Formal Letter Building Blocks


    Return Address and Date

    Write your full name and address in the upper left-hand corner


    Skip one line below your address and write the date.



    Recipient’s Name and Address

    Skip one line below the date and write the recipient’s name.


    Directly below, write the recipient’s full address.



    Skip one line after the address, begin with the word Dear, and follow with the title and name of the person who will be receiving the letter.  (Ex: Dear Mrs. Smith) If you are unsure of the person’s name use: Dear Sir or Dear Madam.


    Put a colon after the person’s name. 


    Write at the left margin.



    Skip one line after the greeting and begin writing at the left margin.


    Begin a new paragraph for each topic skipping a line between each paragraph.  Do not indent each paragraph.


    Write all of the information you want to communicate in this portion of the letter.  Information should be briefly and clearly written.




    Skip one line after the end of the body of the letter.


    Write your closing at the left margin.


    Capitalize only the first letter of the closing and follow it with a comma.





    Signature and Sender’s Name

    Sign your full name directly below the closing.


    Skip a line and write your full name.