The Writing Process


    The Writing Process



    • Think about possible topics.
    • Make sure you choose a topic that you really know about.
    • If you need to, learn more about your topic.
    • If you are responding to a prompt, think about what the prompt is asking you and think of all that you know about the topic.
    • Write down your ideas.
    • Use outlines and sketches to help you organize.



    • Use your prewriting to write your paragraph, story, or essay.

    • Spelling and grammar are not important at this point.


    * Use the essay planners for genre specific structure.



    • Read your draft.
    • Change words, sentences, and paragraphs to make them better.
    • Add new sentences or remove sentences if necessary.
    • This is the time to make sure that your writing makes sense.
    • Make sure your ideas are in a logical order.
    • Make sure that you have used transitional words.
    • Make sure your word choice is appropriate.
    • Make sure your sentence fluency is strong.



    • Read over your draft again.
    • Look for mistakes in capitalization, usage, punctuation and spelling (CUPS).
    • Fix ALL mistakes.


    *Use the following CHECKLIST to EDIT your paper:


    ___  My NAME is on my paper.


             ___  My paper has a TITLE.


    ___  My paper begins with a TOPIC SENTENCE that is indented and will



             ___  My DETAIL SENTENCES are related to my TOPIC SENTENCE.


             ___  My CONCLUDING SENTENCE is POWERFUL and ties all my ideas



             ___  I used CAPITAL LETTERS     to begin all my sentences.


             ___  I used CORRECT PUNCTUATION at the end of all my sentences.


    ___  All the words in my paragraph are SPELLED CORRECTLY.


             ___  I left SPACES BETWEEN MY WORDS to make my paper easy to read.


             ___  My HANDWRITING is neat and easy to read.


             ___  I left MARGINS all around so my paper looks neat.



    • Write or type your final copy.
    • Make sure your paper is neat.
    • Read your paper one more time before you share it. 
    • Make sure that you did not make any mistakes in the publishing stage.