Instructional Model Descriptions (2020 - 2021 School Year)

  • The Southern Lehigh School District asks that all families complete the Return to School Decision Commitment by Friday, July 31st. 

    For the 2020-2021 school year, Southern Lehigh School District families will have the choice between the following in-class learning and remote learning options for their student(s).  

    (A) HYBRID LEARNING MODEL (K-12): Students would be split into two cohorts by last name/household. Instruction would be delivered with 50% online and 50% face-to-face on a set schedule. The 50% online instruction will include both synchronous (live engagement) and asynchronous (self-directed) learning on a set schedule. This option provides the ability to ensure social distance at 6 ft. in classroom settings and 3 to 6 ft. in other settings (i.e. district-provided transportation, hallway passing time, etc.). District attendance and grading practices will be followed. Online instruction will be required and students are expected to complete all assignments and attend daily. 

    Sample Hybrid Schedule:

    Students of families selecting the Hybrid Learning Model will be physically present 50% of the days per the week on a set schedule and completing remote learning for the other 50% of the days per week on a set schedule. ** Asynchronous, fully remote learning days will occur on a set schedule at least two full days per month where all students will complete instructional activities from home. 

    ** All school buildings will be cleaned and sanitized each evening. 

    B) SLSD REMOTE LEARNING MODEL (K-12): This remote learning option will include both synchronous (live daily engagement) and asynchronous (self-directed) learning facilitated by Southern Lehigh School District teachers. The District curriculum will be utilized, along with grading and attendance practices. Families choosing this option would need to commit to at least one quarter.

    (C) ELEARN21 CYBER LEARNING MODEL (K-12): A remote learning option that will include asynchronous learning for greater flexibility and facilitated through the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit. The teachers are not SLSD teachers. Families choosing this option would need to commit to at least one quarter.

    (D) HOMESCHOOL PROGRAM: This model will enable K-12 students to learn at home with parental supervision through an approved Pennsylvania Homeschool Program of their choice. Students will not attend physical school buildings.

    * If your child has an IEP, please complete the survey and final Instructional Program decisions will be part of an IEP team meeting.  

    Additional information about the SLSD Instructional Models can be found using the following links.