Dual Enrollment

  • Southern Lehigh High School affords qualified students the opportunity to enroll in college-level courses in the following ways:

    1. Sign up for one of the courses listed below taught by SLHS faculty who are approved adjunct faculty members for Lehigh Carbon Community College:
      1. College Algebra (2242) = LCCC MAT 160
      2. Introduction to Computer Science II (2600E) = LCCC CIS 155
      3. Public Speaking (1700E) = LCCC ENG 111
    2. Seniors may be eligible to take a course or courses at a local college or university. Please note that the only credit(s) that will count towards high school credit are electives and LCCC’s English 105 Research & Composition course.

    Several local colleges and universities accept high achieving seniors on a part-time basis, affording them the opportunity to take college courses that are independent of their high school transcript and have no impact on the student’s eligibility for graduation from Southern Lehigh High School. It is a great opportunity for seniors to acclimate themselves to college-level courses as they begin the transition from high school to college. Eligible seniors can take one or more college courses during the senior year while also taking courses at SLHS. Students are able to schedule classes during the school day or after school hours.  For each college course, students may miss two SLHS courses during the same block. It is the student’s responsibility to provide his/her college schedule to the appropriate SLHS school counselor so it can be placed on his/her SLHS schedule.  Students must inform their counselor regarding their intent to enroll in dual enrollment for the fall semester of their senior year by the end of their junior year. Final approval is at the discretion of the high school principal.

    Transportation costs as well as tuition and other fees are the responsibility of the student.  College and university course grades are not calculated into the SLHS GPA. Students are responsible for exploring the transferability of dual enrollment credits to the college they will be attending.