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  • Here is some info you might find helpful:

    Standards for Mathematical Practices: This is basically my philosophy of teaching, just worded waaay better! :)

    Grading Procedures: These are approximations.

    Tuesday Dozen: 20%
    Tests: 30% (about 1 or 2 a month)
    Quizzes:30% (about 1 a week)
    Projects:20% (don't panic! this is usually stuff we do in class and is graded on whether or not it's completed)

    Homework Policy: Very rarely will daily homework be given. The ONLY homework that will count as a GRADE is the Tuesday Dozen.

    What a typical class looks like: I basically divide the time into 2 parts:

    1) Warm-up: Daily maintainance of skills. 

    2)Lesson: Centered on problem-solving, focused on the 8 practices. I try to emphasize the structure and the "why" behind the algorithm, instead of beginning with the algorithm. Lots of group work and more writing than they might be used to.

    3) Centers: This is a time when students work on assignments individually. These assignments are designed to review and extend what we've been learning in class.

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