•  Excusal from the PSSA and Keystone Exams 

    Chapter 4 of Title 22 of the Pa. Code (22 Pa. code 4.4) provides for the right of any parent/guardian to excuse his/her child from the state assessment if, upon inspection of the testing materials, he/she finds the assessment to be in conflict with his/her religious beliefs.  This is the only basis for a parent/guardian to excuse his or her child from the statewide assessments. 

    Since the Southern Lehigh School District Health and Safety Plan prohibits visitors from physically entering school buildings, you WILL NOT be required to physically come to a school district building to review the state assessment prior to opt out. Instead, you will need to submit a letter to our Superintendent indicating your objection to the test based on your religious objection. This must be done for each child that you are electing to opt out of the yearly state assessment. 

     In your letter please include the following:

    • Your Child's first and last name
    • Your Child's grade
    • The test for which you are requesting opt out consideration (PSSA, Keystone Literature, Keystone Algebra, Keystone Biology)
    • Your reasons must be for religious beliefs

     Listed below is a template that you can elect to use for this communication. 

     Please address your letter to: 

    Mrs. Kathleen Evison, Superintendent

    5775 Main Street

    Center Valley, PA 18034

     Or email your letter to optout@slsd.org

    Dear Mrs. Evison,

    Pursuant to Pennsylvania Code Title 22 Chapter 4, section 4.4 (d)(4) I am hereby exercising my right as a parent to have my child, [NAME],  a [grade] student, excused from [PSSA, Keystone Literature, Keystone Algebra, Keystone Biology] testing because of religious beliefs.


    Note: For the 2020-2021 school year,  if a student opts out of the assessment, they must complete asynchronous work, as directed by their teacher,  to be coded as present.