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April Yellow Daisy

4/1/21 - Teacher Professional Act 80 Day (Students do not report)

4/2/21 - 4/5/21 - SPRING BREAK 

4/15/21 - SPIRIT DAY: Look Alike Day! Find a friend (or more than one) and dress alike.

4/22/21 - SPIRIT DAY: Earth Day! Wear something that has an Earth Day theme on it or wear earth colors ~ blues, greens, browns.

4/23/21 (Friday) - PSSA English Language Arts (Section 1 - early dismissal at 11:40AM)

4/29/21 - SPIRIT DAY: Don't forget to highlight on the PSSAs! Wear neon colors

4/30/21 (Friday) - PSSA English Language Arts (Section 2 - early dismissal at 11:40AM)


May Purple flower

5/6/21 - SPIRIT DAY: Go Gray in May! Wear gray to support brain tumor awareness month

5/7/21 (Friday) - PSSA English Language Arts (Section 3 - early dismissal at 11:40AM)

5/13/21 - SPIRIT DAY: Decade Day! Dress like you are from another decade ~ 80's, 60's, 50's, you decide!

5/14/21 (Friday) - PSSA Mathmatics (Section 1 - early dismissal at 11:40AM)

5/20/21 - SPIRIT DAY: Creative Hair and/or Creative Mask Day! How cool can you make your hair look? Do you have a really neat mask? Show one or both off!

5/21/21 (Friday) - PSSA Mathmatics (Section 2 - early dismissal at 11:40AM)

5/27/21 - SPIRIT DAY: Be Patriotic! Wear red, white, & blue in honor of Memorial Day

5/28/21 (Friday) - PSSA Science (Section 1 & 2: 4th Grade ONLY - early dismissal at 11:40AM)

5/28/21 (Friday) - PSSA Makeup (early dismissal at 11:40AM)

5/31/21 - Memorial Day Holiday (Students do not report)


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