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College Credits SLHS

Dual Enrollment Registration Deadlines are Approaching
  • LCCC - October 31st
  • Seton Hall University - October 31st 
What is Dual Enrollment?
Your student may already be enrolled in a Dual Enrollment eligible course!  Dual enrollment courses are taken at SLHS and taught by SLHS teachers.  Students have the option to register for college credit at a fraction of the cost of a college-campus-taught course. 
Not sure if your student is enrolled in a dual enrollment class? 
How much does Dual Enrollment cost?
  • LCCC - $30 per credit (most courses are three credits)
  • Seton Hall University - $110 per credit (most courses are three credits - some courses are eligible for multiple SHU courses and families may need to register again for spring semester)
  • If you are in need of financial assistance to sign up for Dual Enrollment, please contact or  Southern Lehigh Educational Foundation is covering the cost of registration for families on Free/Reduced Lunch. 
How do I register? 
  • LCCC
    1. Complete an LCCC Application (indicate you are a HS student seeking dual enrollment and please use a personal email)
    2. Complete the SLHS Dual Enrollment Registration Form. Be prepared to enter LCCC Student ID#, Subject, Course #, Course Title, and Credit Hours.
  • Seton Hall University
    1. Seton Hall registration must be completed online at Seton Hall Course Registration Link. Students should use a personal email when registering to receive communication from Seton Hall. 
    2. After registering, students will receive an email in 3-5 days to pay and register for specific courses.
    3. Complete the SLHS Dual Enrollment Registration Form. Be prepared to enter Subject, Course #, Course Title, and Credit Hours.
Where do credits transfer? 
If you and your student are interested in dual enrollment and want to make sure registering for these credits is a good fit for you, it is recommended you connect with your potential university or college admissions office to see exactly what regulations they have.  The SLHS Online Program of Studies has a script to help students reach out to specific universities about their policies and also provides tools to check on the likelihood of transferability if you have a larger list of potential post-secondary options.  
I have questions. Who do I contact? 
  • Please direct any questions to your student's counselor, Mr. Kinslow - Assistant Principal, or Mr. Miller - Principal.