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Students who are picked-up by parents at the end of the school day must bring a note from home. Please remind your child to give the note to their teacher! If parent pick-up will occur on a regular schedule, one note for the year will be sufficient. Please include first and last names of both the student and parent and date on each note to the teacher.              


Early or End of the day Pick-Up forms are available at on the Liberty Bell homepage.

We discourage calling the office to request last minute parent pick-up and ask you to please plan in advance. The end of the day is hectic and calling the classroom is disruptive to the teaching and learning process. For the safety of our students, please understand we prohibit adults from pulling students from our bus lines.

We open our doors for parent pick-up at 3:20 daily and ask that you report directly to the cafeteria. Please do not stand in the lobby or block any doorways. Students on the parent pick-up list are dismissed to the cafeteria at 3:25PM. Sign-out sheets are located by grade level of your child. Parents and children are asked to exit out the door of the cafeteria in a timely manner. Buses will be called promptly at 3:30PM. For student safety, we attempt to keep our car traffic and bus traffic separate.