DeSales High School Scholars Program



    Applications are available for the Fall 2022 High School Scholars Program at DeSales University. 

    Their program enables highly talented and motivated high school students to take college courses for credit, tuition free, on their campus. Attached is an overview of the program guidelines and the application/nomination procedures. The documents also include a Course Selection Guide and a WebAdvisor User Guide, which are designed to assist students with identifying appropriate course options on their applications. Students should utilize the course selection guide in conjunction with WebAdvisor and the Undergraduate Catalog to determine their course preferences, and we recommend that applicants follow these steps:

    1. Setup a meeting with your school counselor to ensure your SLHS schedule will accommodate the High School Scholars course.
    2. Begin with the Course Selection Guide and follow the instructions to identify a course of interest that fits within your current high school schedule.
    3. Look up the description of that course in the Undergraduate Catalog to ensure that, a) the course still sounds interesting to you; and b) you meet any pre-requisite requirements for the course.
    4. Use WebAdvisor to search for classes to ensure that the desired course is being offered in Spring 2022 and that there are seats available.

    As the Fall 2022 academic calendar shows, fall day classes will begin on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, and semester examinations will end on Saturday, December 17. Please note that High School Scholars may enroll only in traditional day classes, not ACCESS/evening classes.Students who have participated in the High School Scholars Program previously must reapply if they wish to return again.

    Applications are due to the counseling office by April 22, 2022.