Lehigh Career & Technical Institute (LCTI)

  • Career and technical education, or CTE, helps students get more out of high school. Specifically, more opportunities to master practical skills, secure industry credentials, earn college credit, win scholarship, explore careers, develop leadership ability and gain real-world experience. That’s why Lehigh Career & Technical Institute is the smart choice for students who want to be college and career ready when they graduate.

    Operating with the support of all nine Lehigh County school districts, LCTI offers dozens of CTE programs taught by industry experts in five areas of study: Arts & Humanities, Business & Communication Technology, Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing, Health & Human Services and Industrial Technology.

    We are the largest Career and technical school in Pennsylvania and, thanks to the support of our education and industry partners, among the best equipped nationwide. LCTI’s campus is adjacent to Lehigh Carbon Community College in the Schnecksville section of North Whitehall Township and boasts a 450,000-square-foot facility outfitted with the latest software, tools and equipment.

    Enrollment Options

    Academic Center: The Academic Center provides students in grades 10-12 with the option of taking both their academic and career & technical course work at LCTI as full-day students. These rigorous academic courses will satisfy graduation requirements as well as complement the career & technical major of each student. Students will still graduate from their resident school districts and are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities back at their sending school. Students will be able to register for full-day program during their school district’s regular course registration time.

    Half-day enrollment: Students in grades 9-12 choose the half-day enrollment option. The half-day option provides students with career & technical education at LCTI and the required academics at their respective school districts. Students are encouraged to take high-level course work at the sending district which will provide the academic background necessary to be successful in today’s highly technical careers.

    Flex time enrollment: Another option that my suit students’ individual needs is the flex-day program. The flex program is designed to provide students with technical coursework on a limited schedule. Students may choose to come to LCTI for one or more periods per day depending upon their needs. Students may attend on or both semesters and may attend for multiple years. Many students us the technical education training as a jump start to a technical degree in a four-year institution. Both the half-day and flex-day options may be chosen during the regular course registration process.

Diversified Career Occupations (DCO)

  • Students may enroll in DCO during their 11th and/or 12th grade years. Those students who are in good standing academically and on track for graduation may be released from school for half days to work. The DCO program allows participants to split their time between academic courses and part-time work in career fields that interest them. Students are required to meet weekly with a certified, professional school-to-career coordinator from LCTI who helps them develop 21st century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. Weekly competency-based instruction takes place at SLHS with the LCTI coordinator and students are formally evaluated by both the LCTI coordinator and the employer each marking period.  Students who participate in DCO receive credit towards graduation. Background checks are required for employer mentors who hire minors in the DCO program.