Course Selection Timeline

    • Late January:  Counselors will provide an overview of course selection information to students in grade level meetings during Spartan Period. 
    • Early February:  Teachers will discuss course options with students in class and will enter course recommendations in Sapphire for each student.
    • Mid-February:  Students will have a 1.5 week window of time to input course requests into Sapphire for next school year.  During this time, students should speak with their parents/guardians regarding course requests and should carefully consider teacher recommendations & course prerequisites. 
    • February/March/April/May:  Students will have the opportunity to discuss course requests with their counselor.
    • June:  Students will be provided with a tentative schedule.
    • July 1:  Deadline for students to make changes to schedules.



    • Please note that Math & Science teacher recommendations are based on performance in current classes only.  Grade prerequisites for courses taken in previous years will be verified by the guidance office.
    • Core subject teachers will be recommending courses directly in Sapphire.
    • You will need to enter your courses directly into Sapphire
    • You must schedule a MINIMUM OF 7 CREDITS and may select a maximum of 8  credits.
    • Please read the course descriptions in the Program of Studies and be aware of course prerequisites.
    • Courses marked with “DE” indicates a dual enrollment course and those marked with an “*” indicates a weighted course.



    Planning a program of study each academic year is one of the most important tasks a student will complete throughout their four years at Southern Lehigh High School. Students will be guided through this process by faculty, counselors and administrators, as they closely follow graduation requirements. Counselors will present an overview of the program of studies book, highlighting prerequisites and course sequences. In addition, all teachers will review the content for next year’s courses and provide guidelines to assist with selection in their specific areas. Listed below are some basic guidelines to follow when selecting courses for the next academic school year:

    1. Motivation, interest and aptitude are important factors to consider when selecting courses. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves with the most demanding course of studies they can successfully complete in a given academic year.
    2. Previous levels of achievement should be reviewed to determine possible course selection. When selecting a sequential course, students must meet course prerequisites.
    3. Graduation requirements will be reviewed each year to determine appropriate progress in all required subject areas.
    4. Students must select a complete schedule for each academic year. They must schedule a minimum of 7 credits per year.
    5. Students should consider academic strengths and weaknesses when planning for the upcoming academic year.

    Teachers and counselors will review the course selections for students, advising them of an appropriate academic program of studies. Teacher recommendations are valued in helping to guide the student through the correct course sequence and appropriate level. Counselors will meet with each student to review the entire academic schedule and to track graduation requirements. As a team, the student, parent, teacher and counselor will work together to select a challenging, appropriate academic program of studies.  Note: Required equipment and fees can be provided for individual students based on need.

    Students at Southern Lehigh High School are required to schedule a minimum number of 7 credits per year.



    School counselors are an excellent resource when concerns or questions arise regarding course selection and post-secondary planning. Conferences can be requested if students are not achieving at levels commensurate with a student’s ability and academic progress is not being made. In addition, counselors are available to work with students who exhibit at-risk behaviors or face adjustment or transition problems. Appointments can be scheduled by contacting the respective counseling offices of each school.

    Southern Lehigh High School (610) 282-1421

    Southern Lehigh Middle School (610) 282-3700