Schedule Change Policy

  • Students initially register for the following year’s courses during February of each year. Based upon course requests, administration builds a master schedule. The master schedule reflects the interest and demands and teacher availability. Course sections and teacher assignments are made. Adjustments are made to reduce conflicts. The entire process takes several months with the objective of attempting to meet every student’s course requests. Requests made prior to July 1st   will be processed at the request of the student and parent. Any errors, conflicts, omissions, or additions to a student’s schedule will be resolved as soon as possible. The following guidelines exist for all other schedule changes requested after July 1st:

    1. Student-initiated schedule changes must be supported by parent/guardian.
    2. Schedule changes will be considered for valid educational reasons only. Schedule changes will not be made to accommodate requests for lateral moves within the same subject area.
    3. Semester courses will not be dropped after September 15th
    4. Full year courses will not be dropped after September 30th
    5. Students moving from an Honors or Advanced Placement course to a CP level course will not receive the weighted grade when the grades are transferred.

    The following requests for drop/add, to/from a course will be honored (as long as the master schedule can facilitate)

    • Computer or clerical error
    • Period missing from schedule
    • Core subject missing from schedule (math, science, English, Social Studies, World Language)
    • A course was made up during summer school
    • Transfer to a more challenging course
    • Change in and LCTI program  as approved by both the LCTI and SLHS.

    Requests that will not be honored include:

    • Change in teacher
    • Lunch (move to another period)
    • Rearranging classes to different blocks
    • If the student requested, meets the prerequisites and was recommended for the course


    Withdrawals from a course will not become part of the student record if the course is dropped by September 30th of a full-year class and by September 15th of a semester class. Either a “WP” (Withdraw Passing) or “WF” (Withdraw Failing) will be noted on the student transcript dependent on the grade at time of withdrawal.