Classroom Supplies

  • Welcome to my class!  I'm happy to be your math teacher.  Below is a list of the following supplies that you will need for this course.  

    • Single Subject 3-ring binder.  This should be about 1-2 inches thick.  Hard covers with pockets work best.  
    • Paper that can be used in the binder- Loose leaf or spiral notebook
    • Pencils
    • Highlighters
    • Colored pens/pencils- for making corrections/checking work
    • Calculators will be provided. If you would like to purchase your own, we use the TI-34 Multi-view.  This calculator will be used until 8th grade.  
    • Tabs/Dividers: 
      • All binders should have the following sections: 
        • Notes
        • Homework
        • Tuesday Dozens
        • Tests/Quizzes
        • Interactive Notebook
    • Mints are OK to have for tests.  However, please do not bring individually wrapped mints (like the large bags of Lifesavers).  Small packs (like Ice Breakers) are better because the wrappers don't end up all over the floor.  

    Classroom Wish List
    If you'd like to provide any extra items, the following would be welcome additions: 
    • Tissues 
    • 3-ring Binders (some break by the end of the year)
    • Expo Markers
    • Sticky Notes 
    You can also take a look at my Amazon wish list for a specific list of classroom supplies that are not provided by the district.  

    Thank you!