• Southern Lehigh School District has Student Wellness policy and guidelines. Below you will find an approved healthier food alternatives list. The attached list is meant to serve as a reference and specifies the foods permitted into our school for special occasions/classroom parties.  While this list is not all encompassing, it is intended to be a guideline when organizing for a classroom event.  In an attempt to implement the revisions, as well as adhere to all the guidelines, we would like to share with you some of the important highlights:

    1. Homemade foods are not permitted at parties and will not be accepted.
    2. All foods contributedmust be in their original package with a label so that they may be properly evaluated for special nutritional needs.  All food dropped off for classroom celebrations must be provided to the school 24 hours in advance. The exception would be fresh vegetables, fruit and cases of bottled water.
    3. Only(one) 1 unhealthy treat (sugary foods or treats high in fat such as cupcakes, brownies, potato chips, etc.) is permitted at classroom parties.
    4. Food treats are not permitted and cannot be exchanged or distributed for Birthday or other celebratory or holiday occasions (changing schools, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc.). Food items will only be accepted for school & grade scheduled classroom and curriculum related events.  

    Healthier Foods List

    Drink – limited to

    Water (may be flavored, unsweetened or sparkling)

    100% juice drinks

    Low fat milk

    Party Food (only 4 selections from the below list allowed per party)

    Fresh fruits, dried fruits, frozen fruits, canned fruits in water

    Fresh vegetables, salad bar

    Whole grain crackers, rice cakes

    Humus or low fat dips or salsa

    Baked tortilla chips or baked chips/snacks

    Pretzels, especially whole grain

    Yogurt – low fat or Greek style

    Lo fat cheese including string cheese

    Whole grain cereal (unsweetened)

    Animal crackers, graham crackers, teddy grahams

    Air popped or low-fat popcorn