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    Special Schedule:

    Day A--Music

    Day B--Tech Smarts

    Day C--Library

    Day D--Gym

    Day E--Art






    Spelling List: Test on Friday, November 4th

    doze, nose, use, rose, pole, close, cute, woke, mule, rode, role, tune, home, joke, wrote, ice cube

     Mrs. Dougherty’s Quick News Notes


    Food for the Parties:  Due to district policy, only foods pre-approved by the school nurse may be served at classroom parties.  Food should be pre-approved at least 48 hours in a advance of the party time.


    Please do not send in any edible treats for birthdays (in accordance with school policy.)
    If you would like to send something in to the class for your child’s birthday (completely optional,) erasers, pencils or other non-edible items are welcomed and appreciated by the students.

    Our classroom is an allergy-aware classroom.