Each night, every student will bring home a homework checklist located in the homework side of their folder. Any box that has an X in it means there is no homework for that subject.  Please make sure you initial their checklist each night.

    Math homework will be sent home Monday - Friday.  This will be an activity that reviews our daily skill. The side that is circled is that night's homework, however, the students may do the optional side for extra practice. Please have your child complete this and return it the next day.  

    Reading homework will be sent home in a separate guided reading bag. Each night, please have your child read their book. This story has been practiced in class, so your child has seen this story before. Please sign off that the book was read. Checking for comprehension is a great way to enhance their learning as well. Ask questions such as, "Who are the main characters of the story?" "What was the problem and solution?" "Where did the story take place?"

    High Frequency Word Folder
    At the beginning of each new reading lesson, a given set of sight words will be introduced to the students. To ensure the students are practicing their words regularly, a high frequency folder will be sent home on Day 1 of each new lesson. The folders will contain sight word practice for the week. The parents are required to sign off on the homework before being turned in on Day 5. (Sight words are words that are difficult to spell and usually cannot be sounded out. The more your child practices and knows these words automatically, the better fluent readers they will become.  For extra practice, have your child practice writing them and using them in sentences.) 

    Spelling homework will also be given as a weekly assignment. The due date will be written at the top of the page. Please refrain from completing the entire sheet in one night. The skills that are included on this will be taught over the course of the week.