Birthday Book Club

  • Birthday Book Club

    We are excited to introduce the Liberty Bell Birthday Book Club!  If you are interested in donating a book to our school library in honor of your student's birthday, just follow the simple steps below.  The links needed are found at the bottom of the page.  A book of your choice will be purchased in your child's name and added to our library collection.  Thank you for helping our library grow! 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 610-282-1850 Ext. 3540.

    Thank You!

    Mrs. Dimmig

    Step 1:  Click on the link below to see the birthday book list.  All books listed are titles that our library needs to add to the collection or must update our current copies.  Titles listed include book summaries and prices.   After you have chosen your book follow the directions in Step 2.

    Step 2:  Print and complete the form below.  Please return your form and check to Mrs. Dimmig in the library.  Your child's book will be ordered on the date of our next book purchase from the library.  There will be a delay between your order and the arrival of your student's book.  All purchased books will be designated as part of the Birthday Book Club.  In addition, a book plate will be added to the book in honor of your child.

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