String Orchestra - String Orchestra Forms

  • String Orchestra rehearsal will be held at 8:00 a.m.

    Hopewell   Day D beginning in March

    Liberty Bell   Day E beginning in March

    Lower Milford   Day C beginning in March

    In the event of a delayed school opening, rehearsal is canceled.

    In the event of a school closure, rehearsal will be held the next school day.

    Reminders about Instrument Care

    Parents and students should not touch the pegs.  If the strings become loose, contact me and I will arrange to tune the instrument.  Strings are easily broken by over tightening the pegs.

    Never leave the instrument in the car.  Temperatures get too cold and too hot.  String instruments are easily damaged by fluctuating temperatures.

    Always loosen the bow before putting the instrument away.  Bow hair begins to fall out when bows are cared for improperly.

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