English Language Arts

  • Fourth Grade English/Language Arts


         The Reading/Language Arts program in the fourth grade uses the Reading Street Reading series by Pearson.  Reading, Spelling, Grammar, and Writing are based on the stories and concepts in the book.  

    Reading tests are usually given on alternate Fridays and consist of multiple choice questions and an open-ended response question based on a reading provided and the strategy studied that week. There may also be a grammar test on the concept studied each week.  

    Spelling pretests are given each Monday, with a final test on Friday.  We use the program Spellingcity.com.  Students log in information is printed on a sheet in their homework folders.  A pretest is taken in class on Monday, games played during the week for review, and the test is given on Friday.  All activities are electronically recorded, so I will know what your child has completed. 

    Our writing program will implement the same steps used in previous years: pre-write, rough draft (revise, edit) and final copy.  The focus will be on narrative, informative and opinion writing . We will review paragraphing and writing with the 6 writing traits:  Ideas/Content, Organization, Word Choice, Conventions, Sentence Fluency, and Voice. 

          We will also be using the AR reading program. Students set goals in the beginning of the quarter, then earn points by taking a test on the book they have read.  The tests are taken during the school hours.  The students will be expected to have an independent reading book at ALL times.  We have an excellent library at JPLIS with THOUSANDS of terrific books, so this should not be a problem.  Additionally, we have a great collection of books in the classroom.