Chapter 1,2,3 Study Guide

Social Studies Alive:  Chapters 1,2 and 3

Study Guide


  What do social scientists study? _____________________________________


What kind of information do economists look for? _______________________________________

What is the main job of a government?  __________________________________________


What would be most interesting to a geographer? ______________________________________


What would a historian ask? ______________________________________


What part of a map shows you what the symbols on a map stand for?  ______________________________________

If you were driving to New York what kind of specialty map would you use to plan your trip? ______________________________________

 What do the imaginary lines of longitude and latitude show us? _____________________________________

Who were the first people to settle in the Americas?  ____________________________

 Where did many early Latinos come to America from? ______________________________________

 What group of people was brought to America against their will? _____________________________________

  People whose ancestors came from Japan, the Philippines, China and Korea are known as?  ____________________________________

The people who formed the United States back in 1776 were mostly from what ethnic group? _______________________________________

 Using our interactive desk maps you will need to find a specific state, and write four clues that would help someone find this state based just on your clues.  Be sure to be descriptive with your clues.  For example:  average rainfall, elevation, latitude and longitude etc.