Tesselations Everywhere

  • 7th grade math students created their own repeating patterns using polygons redesigned to replicate the works in the likes of M.C. Escher.

a^2 + b^2 = Interesting

  • Groups of students from Ms. Grube and Mr. Strobl's classes took actual measurements outside of school, and recorded their information on a data sheet. Using the Pythagorean Theorem, students were able to calculate the missing side of their right triangle.

Pi Day Activities

  • Mrs. Mays' classes held a Pi Day celebration in math class. Pi Day is normally celebrated on 3/14. We moved it this year to coincide with the end of Math PSSAs. Students brought in round food to share and calculated answers to problems about round food.

Estimating Heights of Tall Objects Using a Peer

  • 7th-grade math students learn how to use proportions and a friend to calculate tall objects outdoors with their thumbs. The results were placed on spreadsheets so scatterplots could be created.

What is Motion?

  • 7th-grade science students work together to meet several challenges using a ball to demonstration force and motion.

PEAK Taco Tuesday

  • SLMS students enjoyed the Taco Tuesday PEAK activity.

What's your vital capacity?

  • 7th-grade science students use balloons to measure their vital capacity (The amount of air they can exhale in one breath).

Building for Community Inclusion

  • Students in Mrs. Grubb's class are "building" a playground for the community of Upper Saucon Township that is an all-inclusive playground (specifically designed for students will mobility issues.) This idea was generated after reading the book "Believe" by Eric LeGrand. 

Odyssey of the Mind

  • Our Southern Lehigh Middle School teams each came in FIRST in their problems and divisions at the PA Odyssey of the Mind State tournament held at Pocono Mountain East Schools. One of them also received the Ranatra Fusca Creativity Award. Congratulations, and good luck at Worlds!!!

Reading Olympics

  • Congratulations to the SLMS Reading Olympics team who recently represented our school at the regional competition at Lower Macungie Middle School. Good job everyone!

Blood Splatter Analysis

  • 7th-grade science students used the Scientific Method, through Blood Spatter Analysis, to determine what happens to the diameter of the blood spatter as the height that the blood is dropped from increases.

Glee Club

  • SLMS students did an outstanding job performing the musical, Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Erin.  Thanks to Christmas City for sharing their photos!

SLMS Career Day 2018

  • 8th-grade students participated in a morning of career presentations and mock interviews with parents and community members. There were 34 careers presented and 28 adults who interviewed the students.

Animal Farm Windmills

  • To support their reading of George Orwell's Animal Farm, students in Mrs. Toto's 8th-grade language arts classes collaborated in small groups to create working windmills using various craft materials. While creating their windmills, students learned about the impact of social class stratification and limited resources on a society.

Glow Dance

  • SLMS students had a blast at the Student Council sponsored Glow Dance!

Coding and Writing with Sphero

  • The 4C's (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking) for 21st Century Learning were evident in our latest 7th grade Academic Literacy unit. Students worked collaboratively to build mazes and create shapes. They then used their creativity and critical thinking skills to learn to write code to program the sphero through the maze or around their shape. But that wasn't enough...students then had to use their communication skills to teach an audience how to program the sphero. They did this by creating a set of written instructions and/or filming an instructional video.

Learning About Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

  • A former SLSD student presented recently to the 8th grade health students. She is a physical therapist at Good Shepherd and presented on spinal cord and brain injuries. She discussed signs and symptoms of injuries and also stressed the importance of injury prevention.

7th Grade Comma Poster Competition

  • 7th grade ELA students recently competed in a Comma Poster Competition to showcase their expertise in the art of proper punctuation. Students designed and created posters that highlighted one of our seven comma rules.

Hollow or Solid Bones, Which is stronger?

  • 7th grade science students performed an experiment to see which is stronger against the force of gravity using paper tubes to simulate bones.

Using the Makerspace to Teach Informative Writing

  • Students learn how to make BrushBots in the Library's Makerspace, which they will turn into a "how-to" informative writing piece.

Museum Project

  • 8th-grade students are creating small-scale exhibits on various Revolutionary War topics which will then be enhanced by the development and delivery of a presentation using the web tool Prezi.

Teen Counselors Visit SLMS

  • The Teen Counselors are a trained group of high school students that vow to lead our middle school students down the right path, by creating carefully planned lessons.  During their monthly visits, the Teen Counselors speak to 7th graders at a peer-to-peer level, and teach them helpful decision making strategies that middle school students can use immediately.   

Souper Bowl

  • SLMS held a “Souper Bowl” canned food drive from 1/26 through 2/2. Students voted for their favorite team playing in the Super Bowl by placing canned food in the Eagles or Patriots box. All canned goods have been donated to Betty Lou’s pantry.

Scholastic Art Awards

  • Congratulations to Mrs. Yocum and her students on their accomplishments in the 2018 East Central Pennsylvania Regional Scholastic Art Awards. 

    Gold & Silver Key Exhibition Dates: 3/10-4/15

    The Banana Factory Arts & Education Center

    Banko Gallery 25 W. 3rd St., Bethlehem, PA 18015


    Manon I-GOLD- Change;Sea

    Manon I- SILVER- A Mirroring Comfort

    Kayla K- SILVER- Flowing Rainbow River

    Nadia R- SILVER- Love and Skeletons

    Nadia R- SILVER –Surprise…

    Olivia M- SILVER –Reflections of Fall

    Sophie P-SILVER-Apus de Soare

    Sophie P-SILVER-Meilleurs Amis

    Olivia M-HM-Autumn Souls

    Sophie P-HM-Een Titel Voor Een Prachtige Foto

    Nadia R-HM-Decay