Classroom Procedures

  • Our Classroom Procedures in Room 9
    Lunch money and tickets: If you choose to send money with your son/daughter daily, please make sure to put the money in a baggie or zipper bag with his/her name displayed clearly. Students will take their lunch money down to the cafeteria in the morning to pay. The cost for a student lunch is $2.35. They may also buy just milk, that is 55 cents.
    If you would like your child to put money on his/her account to use for lunches, please write a check to the cafeteria and I will send them down to the cafeteria in the morning to do that. Each student has an ID # and card in the classroom to use for lunches if they are buying that day, or you may put money in their account by going on the Southern Lehigh website.

    Morning Checklist: Every morning when students come into our room, they will have a morning checklist to complete before we start our day. The checklist reads as follows:

    1. Unpack your book bag.
    2. Hang up you book bag and coat.
    3. Place homework in the gray basket.
    4. Place your homework folder in the blue basket.
    5. Take your name off the tree.
    6. Answer the yes/no question.
    7. Move your name to order lunch.
    8. Have a sharpened pencil.
    9. Complete daily edit on the board or on desk.
    10. Pick an activity to do.

    Homework Checklist: Every afternoon before we pack up, we fill out our homework checklist together. If the box is empty, that indicates that you and your student should do this activity together, such as read a book to your child, have your child read a book, and practice the word ring.  If there is an X in the box that indicates that there is nothing to do. If we have another assignment, we will write the specifics in the box. We will then put this sheet in our homework folders in order for you to see it. Please initial that you have finished all the assignments together. I will check each homework folder everyday. Please keep the homework checklist in their homework folder for the entire week. Each start of the week they will get a new one.

    Green-  Everyday, each student begins the day on green. This means he/she is following all the classroom rules, and is behaving just fine. If a student is warned once, his/her name will stay on green.

    Yellow- This means that the student has moved off of green because he/she has broken a school rule and has already been warned.

    Red- The student's name will move to red if he/she has been warned twice. Also, if the offense is serious enough, a student may move directly to red. The parents will be called later that day in order to be informed of the student's behavior. The student will lose recess, or snack recess depending on when the incident occurred.

    At the end of each day, I will color on their weekly behavior chart, it is located on the back of the Homework Checklist. The behavior chart will be sent home every afternoon for parents to see.  After 10 days of green,  the student will be allowed to pick a treat from Mrs. Mayes' "treasure chest."