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    Unit 1
    Story: What is a Pal
    Skill: Main Idea and Detail


    Chapter 1

    Math Words: whole, part, addition,....

    *Practice, Practice, Practice as much as you can based off classwork and use the Pearson website*


    -Short A words 


    Pre-test will be given on DAY 1
    Post-test will be given on Day 5

    *Please have your child practice his/her spelling words nightly to ensure knowledge of words. The spelling test will always be 4 days after the pre-test. I will be sending home 2 spelling homework assignments weekly to help students practice.

    Proper spacing is very important. We will be using spacing bears to help us.

    Word Journal:

    HFW WORDS: and      be     help     play    with    you

    *Please review every night*
    ~Create words using yarn, licorice, magnetic letters, shaving cream, play dough, pudding, cut words out of magazines
    ~Find in stories
    ~Write sentences using words
    ~Draw pictures to represent words
    ~Word sorts
    ~ABC Order


    Assess entry level. We will start with one sentence, focusing on upper case letters and ending marks!!!

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    Let's begin this adventure together!!!!!:)