Rolling 14-Day COVID-19 Case Count Information

  • Southern Lehigh will maintain the following graphic in an effort to align the COVID-19 case reporting with the latest guidance from Secretary of Health Levine and the PA Department of Education, effective November 30th. Southern Lehigh will denote cases citing individuals last day in school/work to more clearly indicate when positive cases may have had close contacts with students/staff. This is consistent with the PDE and DOH expectations in the updated Recommendations for Pre-K to 12 Schools Following the Identification of COVID-19. Positive COVID-19 Cases are listed for 14 days starting from the date that the individual was last "physically present" in a Southern Lehigh School District Building. As a part of the Attestation Ensuring Implementation of Mitigation Efforts, the Southern Lehigh School District will use this information to determine when a required shift of a school building to remote instruction is necessary as a result of case counts meeting the threshold set by the DOH and PDE. 

    Cases listed on this Dashboard include BOTH students and staff.

    ** All of the dates denote when the student or staff member was last present on the SLSD campus rather than the date of the report of COVID-19 positivity.

    The Southern Lehigh School District includes confirmed cases of COVID-19 verified by the DOH within the most recent 14 calendar days in the Rolling 14-Day Case Count.

    • The Rolling 14-Day Case Count only includes COVID-19 cases where the individual (student/staff) was physically present in a SLSD school building for instructional activities or otherwise engaged in school activities or athletics for the DOH defined "infectious period." (Two days before symptom onset or a positive test for asymptomatic cases) Symptom onset is defined as the date on which COVID-19 symptoms began. 
    • The 14-day rolling total DOES NOT INCLUDE positive cases among those who are engaged in the SLSD Remote Model (unless the student is physically present for athletics or extracurricular activities).
    • The 14-day rolling total DOES NOT INCLUDE positive cases among individuals who did not participate in any in-person instruction or school sponsored activities or athletics on or after their onset date. 

    Updated PDE Closure Guidance