One Interaction at a Time

Web 2.0 Tools

  • Book Projects:

    • Storyjumper - A place to create and discover stories for kids.
    • Little Bird Tales - A fun,unique way to create,record and share stories online.
    • Storybird - An easy book creation software.
    Blogging for the classroom:
    • 21classes - Safe blogging website for teachers and students.
    • Classchatter - Safe blogging website for teachers and students.
    • Blogger - Google's website for blogging.
    Converting Files:
    • Zamzar - Converts files into different formats.
    • Keepvid - Downloads files into different formats.
    • DocHub - Upload a PDF and annotate over the document.
    • SmallPDF - Convert pdf files to word documents.

    Mind Mapping/Storyboard/Word Displays:

    • Mywebspiration Free online software for graphic organization
    • Bubbl - Easily create colorful mindmaps to print or share with others.
    • Wordle - Generate word clouds from a text or URL you provide.
    • Tagxedo - Generates word clouds from a text or URL you provide into a shape.
    • WordArt - Generates word clouds and puts it into a shape.
    • Storyboardthat - generate 6 storyboard per sheet.
    • cmap tools - mind mapping program that saves everything on a server.
    • - Edit a mindmap template and save as a pdf or jpg
    Music Don't forget to check the terms of use!: 
    • Freeplay Music - Free music that can be downloaded and used for presentations. (Don't forget to check terms of use!)
    • Incompetech - Free music you can download(several genres)
    • Free Youtube Music - Free music you can use for projects on youtube
    • Bensound - Free music
    Online Collaboration/Learning Environments:
    • Google Docs - Create documents online that others can look at and edit.
    • Quicktopic - Create a last minute question and get student responses.
    • Canvas - An online course development program
    • Schoology - An online course development program
    • Coursesites - A free online course development program
    • EdPuzzle - Use a video and put questions throughout
    Free Downloadable Pictures - Don't forget to check the terms of use!:
    Chrome Extensions:
    • Alice Keeler Gradebook split - automatically split your screen in two.
    • EquatIO - Helps create math equations in google docs.
    • Iorad - helps create web tutorials
    • Web Paint - Easily draw over a website with shapes, text, or pen strokes and then save the annotations as a picture.
    • Techsmith Snagit - Screenshot capture.
    • Tag Cloud Search + Translate - Turn an article from websites into a word cloud.
    • SpeakIt - Tired of reading? Select text you want to read and listen to it. SpeakIt converts text into speech so you no longer need to read.
    • Share to Classroom - Add assignments, notifications, and push websites to your google classroom.
    • Screencastify - Simple video screen capture.
    • Readability - Readability is a web and mobile app that zaps clutter and saves web articles in a comfortable reading view.
    • Hootlet - Quickly share web pages to all of your social networks using the Hootlet.
    • URL Shortener - Quickly shortern URL's
    • Google Tone - Share a website with students in your classroom with your speakers. 
    • Google Dictionary - Easily define any word from any website.
    • Draftback - Lets you play back the revision history of any Google Doc that you can edit.
    • Clearly - Make blog posts, articles, and websites clean and easy to read.  Users can highlight text.
    • Checker Plus(Calendar, Gmail, Drive) - View, connect, and interact with your google account through these extensions.
    • Awesome Screenshot - Capture all or part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads.
    Picture Editing:

    • Dumpr - Mashes pictures together.
    • Befunky - Makes real pictures into cartoon pictures.
    • Flickr - Share your photos.
    • 3D text maker - Create 3D text images to add to multimedia projects.
    • Pixlr -Photo editing site.
    Project Ideas:
    • Animoto - A website that lets the user create a free 30 second video.
    • Aurasma - An augmented reality website/app.
    • Voicethread - A presentation tool that allows students to record a presentation.
    • Blabberize - Create talking pictures with your own voice or mp3 files.
    • Google Sketchup - Create, modify, and share 3D models.
    • Toondoo - A comic program that allows users to create their own comic strips.
    • Go Animate - Users can create their own comic strip movies with animations.
    • Glogster - Create online posters with pictures, text, videos, music, etc...
    • Quizlet - Create online flashcards where users can use to learn word definitions
    • BrainyFlix - Upload pictures to represent a vocabulary word and make a funny caption.
    • Prezi - Zooming in and zooming out presentation software.
    • Voki - Create talking avatars with text or your own voice.
    • Linoit - An online wall where anyone can put post-it notes up.
    • Padlet - An online wall where anyone can put post-it notes up.
    • Movenote - A website that brings in a presentation and you attach your video from your webcam too it as you talk about each slide.
    • Museumbox - A website where you decorate a 3D cube with text, pictures, movies, etc...
    • Powtoon - A presentation animation software tool.
    • Smore - Create an online flyer for an event.
    • Emaze - An 3D walkthrough presentation.
    • Jilster - Online collaborative magazine.
    • Pixton - Comic strip, story board, and graphic novel site.
    • Adobe Spark - Easily create a presentation, video, and web stories.
    • Easybib - A website that helps you create work cited pages in MLA or APA format.
    • Rubistar4teachers - A website that allows teachers to create their own custom rubrics for anything.

    Scantron IOS Scanner:

    • Quickkey - Use a smart phone to grade student scantron sheets automatically
    • Zipgrade - Use a smart phone to grade student scantron sheets automatically
    Screen Capture:
    • Jingproject - A program that lets you take video or pictures of your screen.
    • Screencast-o-matic - An online program that lets you capture your screen.
    • Quicktime is a mac application that lets you capture your screen.
    • Online Voice Recorder  - online tool to record a podcast.  Minor cutting at beginning and end of recording.
    • Pixiclips - online whiteboard that captures audio and video as well.
    Social Bookmarking:
    • Delicious - creates an online account to save bookmarks.
    • Diigo - Social bookmarking, can be used for students working on a collaborative project (need to create an account).
    • FatURL - For a project this is a great site to combine links together.
    Streaming Video/Audio:
    • Learnerstv - A website that contains video lectures on math and science material.
    • Thefutureschannel - A website with interactive activities and videos for math and science.
    • Teacher Tube - An education site similar to YouTube where you can watch videos.
    • iTunes U - A list of universities is available. Many podcasts or vodcasts of professor's classes are available. Explore MIT's Open Courseware , Stanford, Penn State, Vanderbilt or Yale courses. There is much to discover!
    • PBS Learning Media - A website that has a huge library of videos and lesson plans for K-12.
    • Study Jams by Scholastic - A website that has a library of videos for Math and Science.
    • Viewpure - Paste a youtube link to site and it creates an ad free youtube link
    • Tubechop - Paste a youtube link to site and select part of a youtube video and it provides link.
    Student response systems:
    • Kahoot - This web 2.0 tool creates exciting competitive review games.
    • Quizizz - This self paced web 2.0 tool creates exciting competitive review games.
    • Socrative - Instantly get feedback from students by using this tool.
    • Nearpod - A great tool to have interactive presentations.
    • Peardeck - A tool that integrates with Google Slides to have interactive presentations.
    • Quizlet Live - A flashcard web 2.0 tool that creates a competition between groups.
    Software Training:

    Video Conferencing:

    • Appear - Video conference with up to 8 people for free without setting up an account.
    • Rabbit - Video conference and share your browser.