Absences and Leaves

  • Paid Leave Absence Benefits and Request Procedure:

    Paid time off is an employee benefit. The type and amount of paid leave time provided to SLSD employees are subject to the employee's position status (part-time or full-time) and the terms and conditions stipulated in employee group agreements.

    SLSD employees are expected to be present for work and adhere to their assigned schedule. Employees who are unable to report to work must provide a valid reason and report time spent not working during their scheduled day/shift using the appropriate employee absence reporting system (TCP or ALIO). Failure to notify the District of an absence and failure to report to work on a work-day may be considered job abandonment and could result in disciplinary action. Teachers, Nurses and Instructional Assistants must also request a substitute using the Frontline’s Substitute Management System (effective 2016, Frontline replaced Aesop).

    ALIO – Exempt employees request absence using the ALIO Employee Portal. Employees are not expected to request time off that exceeds that which is available in their leave balances and which is provided annually by an Employee Agreement or Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    TCP/Frontline – Hourly or non-exempt employees request absence using Time Clock Plus (TCP). Hourly employees are expected to enter time off using hours or partial hour increments. Absence time requested should be equivalent to the actual number of hours an employee would have worked on that given day. Hourly employees may not use available paid leave time for non-paid holidays. Employees should not request time off that exceeds that which is available in their leave balances and which is provided annually by an Employee Agreement.

    • Sick Day – Absences due to illness/injury or the illness/injury of a family member. Employees who are absent 5 or more consecutive work days are required to submit a certification/note of illness signed by either a doctor or a nurse practitioner. The note should include a statement releasing the employee to return to work.
    • Emergency Day – Emergency days are strictly intended to accommodate an employee’s need to attend to a significant and urgent event that could not be anticipated, planned for, nor conducted outside of the employee's workday.   Requests shall be made as soon as reasonably possible and within five (5) work days of the employee’s absence due to emergency. A description of the nature of the emergency must be provided in TCP or ALIO and accompany the request. Supervisors will review all requests with final approval reserved for the Superintendent or designee.
    • Personal Day - Personal days are intended to accommodate employee needs to attend to personal business or obligations that cannot be conducted outside of the employee's workday. Requests are subject to Supervisor and, if necessary, Superintendent approval.
    • Holiday – Holidays are identified annually by the District's Calendar. Workers are entitled to holiday pay in accordance with the calendar and as stipulated by respective Employee Agreement. Hourly workers are expected to enter the absence request in TCP. Holiday pay is determined by the average number of hours the employee normally works in a week. Hourly employees who do not get paid for certain holidays do not enter holiday absence requests on such days, and are also not permitted without the expressed approval of administration, to work extra hours during the holiday week in an effort to be paid in full.
    • Bereavement Day – Bereavement day benefits are subject to that which appears in Employee Agreements. Bereavement days are intended to accommodate an employee’s need to plan, travel and attend the memorial services of a family member. Requests shall be made as soon as reasonably possible using TCP or ALIO and note the relationship to the deceased (immediate family member or near relative).
    • Jury Duty – Employees must notify their immediate Supervisor as soon as notice of jury duty is received. If called for service, employees are expected to report work absence using TCP or ALIO and request a substitute, if applicable.


    Unpaid Leaves of Absence Request Procedure:

    FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)

    • What is FMLA? FMLA stands for Family and Medical Leave Act. The federal act entitles eligible employees with qualifying circumstances to unpaid leave of absence from work for up to 12 weeks (special provisions and leave extension may apply for Military families).
    • Am I Eligible? Individual employees are eligible for FMLA if they’ve been employed by the District for twelve (12) months and have worked at least 1250 hours over the twelve (12) month period.
    • What reasons qualify for leave? There are three basic reasons: 1) Birth or adoption of a child, 2) the serious health condition of an employee’s spouse, child or parent, and 3) an employee’s own serious health condition.
    • How do I request FMLA leave? Contact Human Resources as soon as you know that you may require leave beyond 5 work days for your own serious health condition or to care for a family member. An employee’s sick day benefits will apply and be paid until exhausted during any FMLA leave period.
    • For more informatino about the Family and Medical Leave Act visit US DOL Wage & Hour Division FMLA see SLSD Policy #225, 435 or 535, or see the PA State and Federal Labor Law poster in your building. 

    Child Rearing Leave:

    Childrearing leave benefits, if applicable, are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in employee group agreements. For eligible employees, Childrearing leave will commence on the day following the last day of disability related to the pregnancy, FMLA, or in the case of adoption, on the day of placement. Employees anticipating the birth or adoption of a child should notify their Supervisor and contact Human Resources as soon as reasonably possible.

    Other Unpaid Absence:

    All other requests for unpaid leave must be submitted 60 days in advance of absence, as per Board policy. The written request must be sent to the immediate supervisor noting the exceptional circumstance of the request. If appropriate, supervisors will forward such requests to Human Resources, as the Superintendent's designee. Unpaid leave requests will not be considered if other applicable paid leave time exists for the employee. Requests for more than two (2) days and all requests attached to other paid leave (personal days or holidays) require Board approval and will not be placed on the Board agenda unless the above requirements are met. All unpaid leave must be approved by the Superintendent or designee, and School Board as appropriate. Failure to report to work on a work-day without advanced approval for unpaid leave finalized by the Superintendent/designee or Board may be considered job abandonment and could result in disciplinary action.