Plant and Animal Systems

  • Cells


    All living things have systems that help them to survive!!  Each individual living things is made of smaller parts.  These smaller parts have different functions, but when they work together living things are able to survive and grow.  All living things are made up of building blocks called cells.  This is where it all begins!

    Building Blocks of Life

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    Parts of a Cell

    CELLS alive!


    Tour of a Cell

    Organisms are living things that can carry out the basic life functions on their own.   Organisms are multi-celled!  Different parts of an organism have different functons, each part shares the work and cooperates to help an organism survive!  For example, the cells of a plants root system makes sure that the plant gets the water and nutrients for the soil that the plant needs to survive. 

    Plants and animals are both made up of many parts that work together for their survival!!




    Our Body Systems

    Living organisms use energy to support their systems!

    All living things need energy. Ultimately, the sun is the source of all energy in an ecosystem. Different species have different functions: producers, consumers, decomposers, and scavengers.

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