School Volunteer Clearances

  • Southern Lehigh School District is not accepting School Volunteer clearances at this time. Thank you for your understanding. 


    This information is for SCHOOL BUILDING VOLUNTEERS ONLYVolunteer Coaches please click COACHES AND VOLUNTEER COACHES. 

    Southern Lehigh School District, Central Administration Builindg, 5775 Main Street, Center Valley, PA

    • Clearance packets must be presented in person and include all required papwerwork (partial packets will not be accepted).  If you cannot visit on a Tuesday or Thursday, please contact Human Resources at 610-282-3121 to schedule an appoointment. 
    • Clearances must be dated within 1 year of issue to be verified. Verified clearances are valid for 60 months (5 years). Renewal is required to continue volunteer service.
    • Renewal of clearances (Criminal Justice Information Service, CJIS, paperwork) is a personal responsibility. The district does not send notices of expiration. 
    • Please keep your clearances in a safe place for future reference. The district cannot supply copies.
    • Clearances must be received for processing at least one week prior to the event in order to volunteer.
    • Any volunteer arrested or convicted of an unlawful offense must report the matter to the SLSD Human Resources Office within 72 hours and complete an Arrest/Conviction Report Form.
  • 1. Federal Criminal History Record (Fingerprint) for School Building Volunteers

    Individuals who have resided in the state of Pennsylvania for 10 or more consecutive years may sign a Disclosure Statement in lieu of seeking FBI Criminal History Record fingerprints. If you have not been a PA resident for 10 or more years, you must be fingerprinted to volunteer.

    • Fee as of 1/1/2019: $23.85 - Payment is made by credit or debit card. 
    • Register online with IdentoGO before visiting the fingerprint center. Walk in service is available, but all applicants must pre-enroll on line or over the phone.  
    • When registering, use the specific agency Service Code 1KG6Y3. 
      • IMPORTANT: The correct Service Code must be used so the background check is processed for the correct purpose. Fingerprint reports processed for another agency or purpose are not transferrable. If you enter the wrong code by mistake, select the “Back to Home” button and begin the process again by reentering the correct Service Code. If you proceed with an incorrect code you will need to go through the process and pay for the background check again.
    • Report to a fingerprint center. Center locations can be found on the IdentoGO website.
    • Record your UE ID registration number (a series of letters and numbers). You will need to provide this to the school district for verificaiton purposes.
    • You will receive an email notification with a link. Print and save the results to a PDF for your recordsCAUTION: This link will only work one time.
    • Submit your results to Human Resources. Results are not automatically sent to the school district.

    2. Pennsylvania State Criminal Record Check for School Building Volunteers 

    • Fee: FREE to volunteers - PA residents apply online.
    • Visit PSP (PA State Police Record Check).
    • Cick the YELLOW link, "New Record Check (Volunteers Only)", check the acknowledgement box at the bottom and click "Accept".  You must name Southern Lehigh School District as the organization for which you will be volunteering. A telephone number is not necessary, but you may enter 610-282-3121.
    • Print and save your results to a PDF for your recordsCAUTION: This report will be viewable to you only one time
    • Submit your results to Human Resources. Results are not automatically sent to the school district.

    3. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance for School Building Volunteers

    • Fee: FREE to volunteers one time within a 5 year period - Applicants may apply online or by mail. 
    • Login or Create an Individual Account to apply online using the PA Child Welfare Portal. If it is your first time visiting the site, you will be asked to create a Keystone ID user name. Follow the instructions to create a password.  Be sure store your Keystone ID and password in a safe place for future use.
    • Use your current address, and the check the purpose of clearance.
    • You will receive an email notification with a link. Print and save the results to a PDF for your records 
    • Submit your results to Human Resources. Results are not automatically sent to the school district.

    4. PA Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification (PDE-6004) Form and Notification Requirement:

    Individuals seeking to volunteer in SLSD must also sign a Arrest/Conviction Report Form. Approved volunteers must report to the Superintendent or the Director of Human Resources within 72 hours of any arrest or conviction of a Reportable Offense listed in Section 111(e). Failure to make a timely report of any such arrest or conviction may result in rescinding of volunteer privileges.

Free Child Abuse Report Training

  • All persons having direct contact with school children should be trained as mandated reporters and understand the procedure to report reasonable suspicion of child abuse. As a SLSD volunteer, the district is required to OFFER Mandated Reporter training. While not required, we ask that you complete this training. Please see the informational and resource links below.

    Free Mandated & Permissive Reporter Training 

    • The online training takes approximately three (3) hours to complete. Individuals do not need to complete the training in one sitting. The system is designed to allow you the option of competing the training over multiple periods of time.
    • To register for the free online training, go to the PA Child Welfare Resource Center website and click the Registration button. This will take you to a new user registration page. Please select “No” when asked if you are licensed or applying for a license through one of the following boards. After submitting your information, the Pennsylvania Child Resource Center will send you an email with your Username and Password. 

    Then follow the directions listed below:

    1. Type in your username and password
    2. Click “Login”
    3. Click on the hyperlink under the “Your Courses Section”
            rrca-0299: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse
    4. Click on the “Click Here” button
    5. Follow the directions to complete the course
    6. Print your certificate of completion
    7. Provide a copy of the certificate to the school.


    Thank you for volunteering your time and services to our district and for understanding the importance of complying with these regulations.