SLSD Employee Benefits

  • Eligible employees of Southern Lehigh School District are offered a comprehensive benefits package. Benefits include medical, prescription, vision, dental, and life insurance coverage. SLSD also has an Employee Assistance Plan. The District’s contribution towards employee benefits is determined by an employee's applicable employee group, association, or union.

  • Overview of Health and Benefit Information

    Southern Lehigh School District employees eligible for group health coverage will receive information and enrollment forms pertaining to the district's medical, dental and prescription benefit plan options and coverage. Employees should read the information provided and contact the benefits office with any questions. 

    Vision Coverage

    Employees regularly scheduled to work 25 hours or more per week are eligible for a reimbursable vision benefit as defined and in accordance with the terms of their employee group wage and benefit policy.

    Tax Sheltered Annuities, Flexible Spending Plans, and Opt-Out Medical Coverage Information:

    If you are an eligible employee who already has health coverage, you may decline medical benefits with Southern Lehigh School District. Please note, you will need to submit verification of your coverage. For information on tax sheltered annuities, and flexible spending plans, please see the information in your new employee packet. Election in a Section 125 benefit plan can occur at the time of hire or take place during an open enrollment period. For a complete list of district approved 403 (b) plan providers and information on rolling over your 403 (b), please contact the benefits office.                                                                     

    Life Insurance and Disability Insurance

    Employees regularly scheduled to work 25 hours or more per week are covered by a life insurance benefit that includes additional accidental death and dismemberment protection at no cost to the employee up to age 70. At 70, life insurance and accidental dealth and dismemberment protection is reduced by 50%. 

    Employees regularly scheduled to work 25 hours or more per week who become sick or disabled, or who become disabled as a result of an accident during the term of their employee group's wage and benefit policy, become eligible for limited income protection insurance as defined by the terms of the disability coverage plan in place for employees of the Southern Lehigh School District.

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Southern Lehigh School District employees regularly scheduled to work 25 hours or more per week have access to a wide range of tools and resources that help balance work and life, improve health and wellness, and enhance emotional wellbeing through a private and confidential program, at no cost to the employee. For more information on the district's EAP services, please contact the benefits office.

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